(flindersia australis)
Kirby Fine Timbers - Crows Ash
Kirby Fine Timber - Crows Ash Wholesale Queensland
Kirby Fine Timbers - Crows Ash

Crows Ash (flindersia australis) also called Australian Teak, is a very durable timber and has been traditionally used for boat building, flooring (particularly dancefloors) and outdoor furniture. It is not a common timber in the instrument industry although it can be used for high impact parts such as Xylophone keys and guitar fret boards and bridges.

Kirby Fine Timber currently have a vast selection of salvage material from a tree over a 100 years old that had reshooted after late 1800 harvesting. Medium to large slabs of amazing figure grain and a large selection of craft pieces are available.

ADD approx. 950kg/m³